• Disaster Prevention
  • Environment and Energy
  • Media and Consumer
  • Information Services

Disaster Mitigation Solutions Department

Supports disaster prevention/reduction and safety management using meteorological information.

Provides one-stop business solutions for customers faced with issues attributable to the weather.

Flood Management Solutions Section

Uses meteorological radar analysis and rainfall prediction to provide management support for rivers and dams as well as disaster prevention measures, to combat intensifying natural disasters.

Disaster Mitigation Support Section

Communicates disaster risk information in real-time to local governments and companies, and supports disaster-prevention measures.

Transport Management Solutions Section

Combines techniques related to localized heavy rain observations/predictions with survey and prediction techniques related to snow and ice to provide information specialized to measures against disaster risks for public transportation.

Promotes development of contents for road risk avoidance support from the perspective of the weather, with the objective of preventing people from becoming trapped in their cars due to snowfall.

Heavy rain/flooding measures

Precipitation distribution based on radar

Meteorological radar

Environment and Energy Department

Supports the introduction of renewable energy using meteorological/environmental technology and know-how.

Promotes consensus formation with local societies and construction of a safe and secure society by providing consulting services on appropriate environmental measures through observations, analysis, prediction, and systemization technology.

Environmental Impact Assessment Section

Organized an expert group specializing in environmental assessment associated with wind generation business, which has produced leading results in implementing environmental assessments in Japan..

Also puts energy into developing the latest technology such as bird-tracking surveys using radar.

Environmental Analysis Section

Implemented general environmental assessments associated with various businesses, centering on the thermal power generation business, and accumulated know-how for many years.

Implements consulting based on observations related to the weather and atmosphere, as well as quantitative simulations, to respond to PM2.5 and global warming issues.

Energy Section

Predicts amount of solar power generation, wind power generation and electricity demand, and implements associated surveys, as well as renewable energy-related surveys and analyses.

Implements one-stop processes from prediction to analysis, simulation, and system construction for various meteorological/hydrological/oceanological phenomena, storm runoff, and tsunami observation.

Environmental assessment of wind power
generation business

Measurement of upper-air temperatures, etc.
with GPS sonde

Amount of solar radiation estimated from
meteorological satellite images

Media and Consumer Services Department

We actively promote the creation of new values linked to both within and outside the company, in order to provide beneficial information to the general population in an easily understandable manner, through mass media such as TV, radio and newspapers, as well as in-house media, various corporate portal sites, various apps, signage, and awareness raising projects.

Media Services Section

Provides services adapted to the needs of media customers, using "Sora art", which is a system for transmitting weather programs to TV stations undergoing continuous evolution as a platform for providing the latest weather and disaster-prevention contents.

Provides other services for mass media

Consumer Services Section

Various corporate collaborations and media syndications are realized on the weather forecasting site "tenki.jp", which boasts 1,500,000,000 page views annually.

Promotes an awareness-raising project, "Heatstroke Zero," in coordination with supporting companies and local self-governing bodies

Provides services for advertising media and sales promotion tools

Creation of a TV screen design

"Heatstroke Zero" event

Weather forecasting site "tenki.jp"

Information Services Department

As a hub for all sectors, we play a role in supporting the foundation for information provision, such as detailed consulting by weather forecasters, and development and stable operation of meteorological information systems driven by IT technology.

Meteorological Information Comprehensive Online Service "MICOS"

Provides various meteorological information in real-time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Numerical weather forecasting system "SYNFOS-3D"

Implements unique prediction of various meteorological elements, from terrestrial to the upper level, with high resolution and frequency.

Weather Forecasting Section

Among the more than 270 weather forecasters affiliated with the Japan Weather Association, the Information Services Division has weather forecasters who have particularly abundant experience, who create and provide forecast contents to disaster-prevention agencies and the media

Provides "meteorological consulting" as a professional added service

Screen image of "MICOS Fit"

Screen image of "SYNFOS-3D"

Forecasting work by weather forecasters

Through provision of meteorological information as well as survey consulting driven by disaster-prevention and environmental technology, we provide services for supporting a comfortable daily life and safety in the transportation sector, development of industrial activities, and environmental conservation across a multitude of sectors.