• Life Support
  • Digital Signage

Life Support Checker Series (heat stroke meter, etc.)

These are products that capture environmental changes, which can be hard to detect by oneself, and provide support for self-care. The JWA is overseeing various products (Life Support Checker Series) that make use of the know-how that we have built up over a long period of time. Such products include a "mobile heat stroke meter," which can check the degree of risk of heat stroke in the present location of the user, simply by pressing a button.
By visualizing the environment, these products are helpful for safety management of workplaces and raising awareness.


"Thermal Stress Indicator Series" that can check the degree of risk of heat stroke at any time By simply pressing a button, you can check whether the location that you are in is safe. This is helpful for preventing heat strokes. The mobile heat stroke meter "Mimamoricchi" that has an automatic measurement function is also popular. For indoors, the "desktop thermal stress indicator" with an easy-to-read display is convenient.

"Influenza Index Meter" for preventing colds By simply pressing a button, you can check whether you are in an environment where one can easily get influenza. This device allows you to get a rough idea for preventing influenza.

"Dried Skin Index Meter" for fighting dry skin By simply pressing a button, the impact that the dryness of the air has on your skin is calculated.

For details, visit http://www.necchu-sho.com/en/

Provision of digital contents for digital signage (movies/still images)

The JWA is turning highly beneficial meteorological information that everyone needs, regardless of age or gender, into weather programs. As movies and still images from weather programs are incorporated into digital contents, digital signage media has gained increasing attention. The JWA not only provides data, but produces program images that meet customers’ demands. We make it possible to provide contents where the tone and design of a program are adjusted according to the different kinds of scenes in which signage is used.


1. One-stop production of programs, from planning to editing, that meet detailed needs

The JWA plans and designs signage while keeping heed of details, such as the installation location, installation purpose, and target audience. We provide one-stop services, from planning to editing, of programs that meet customers’ needs. In doing so, we make use of our broad lineup that centers on meteorological information. Through this, customers who do not have production know-how and resources are able to air high-quality programs.

2. Provision of real-time contents as a complete package

As real-time contents draw more attention from an audience, frequent production and data updates are necessary. The JWA provides meteorological information, which is very fresh information, in real-time. Thus, we update our meteorological information in a timely manner so that it serves as real-time information, and in each case, deliver all contents as a package. This enables for program broadcasts with high-value contents, without increasing costs for customers.