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Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change

JWA has been engaged in tackling climate change problems for many years, making use of its specialized knowledge in meteorology. With its abundant experience, JWA has been providing a variety of climate-related services. These services include surveys and research related to climate change impact prediction, mitigation and adaptation strategies surveys related to CDM and Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) promoted by the Japanese government; construction of MRV methodology, calculation of greenhouse gas emission reductions, and support of expert committees such as the IPCC.

As a concrete example for a verification study of the JCM model, a project for reducing GHG emissions, by realizing a modal shift from automobiles to railways in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand, where there is heavy traffic congestion, was implemented. In this project, MRV methodology was constructed and verified.

Pattern diagram of GHG emission reduction based on a modal shift from automobiles to railways
Pattern diagram of GHG emission reduction based on a modal shift from automobiles to railways
Traffic in Bangkok
Picture 1. Traffic in Bangkok
Railway station
Picture 2. Railway station

What JWA does

  • Climate change impact prediction using abundant knowledge related to the weather, environment, disaster prevention, ocean, etc.
  • Recommendation of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies that are optimal for the region in various sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, transportation, etc.
  • CDM and JCM project feasibility studies
  • Support for review and planning of climate change control measures (mitigation strategies, adaptation strategies)
  • Support for international expert committees such as IPCC

Explanation of terms

Mitigation strategies for climate change:

  • Strategies that mitigate the progress of global warming and stabilize the GHG concentration in the atmosphere by reducing GHG emissions through business activities, etc.

Adaptation strategies for climate change:

  • Strategies for adapting to abnormal weather caused by global warming by developing social infrastructure, etc.