Building the future with
weather technology

With disasters caused by meteorological phenomena (weather disasters) occurring around the world growing in both scale and intensity, the importance of the role of private-sector weather companies has been increasing tremendously in recent years. Established in 1950, Japan Weather Association (JWA) is a pioneer in the field of weather consulting services in Japan. Keeping tradition and innovation in mind at all times, JWA supports activities aimed at improving the accuracy of weather survey analysis and the weather information service through the use of AI, IoT, and meteorological big data, thereby realizing a sustainable world capable of adapting to climate change.
Moving forward, JWA will continue to build the future with weather technology.

Management Philosophy

The Japan Weather Association is contributing to the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable society through meteorology/environment, disaster-prevention, and information services.
For this purpose, the JWA provides a variety of reliable services to customers based on its advanced and complex technology and knowledge. Through robust and highly transparent management, the JWA is aiming to create profits and realize continuous growth as a dynamic organization.


“Create a society harmonized with the natural world."

Since its establishment in 1950, JWA has been analyzing surveys and providing information related to weather, the environment, and disaster prevention. Nowadays, the scale and intensity of disasters caused by meteorological phenomena (weather disasters) is increasing, and the world is undergoing enormous changes—global warming, energy problems, the evolution of information society, and the advent of a super-aging population and a declining birthrate. JWA’s greatest strength is that it possesses both survey analysis technology and technology enabling the sharing of weather information service in real time. By using its strengths to address changes in the world, JWA is pioneering the future with the aim of creating a “society harmonized with the natural world” together with its corporate and individual clients.

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