Established in 1950 as the first private weather forecasting company in Japan, Japan Weather Association (JWA) has been bringing timely weather information to everywhere in Japan. As a pioneer of the Japanese weather service industry, we are expanding our business through developing weather related disaster prevention technologies and promoting public awareness of its technical area as well as environmental technology development and consultancy services.

JWA offers

Quality and Reliability

We provide not merely reliable weather information but also quality consultant services based on the accumulated knowledge and skills of over 60 years. We have a variety of specialists in each section to meet the different needs of our customers.


As you see in the development of a sonde for the lower atmosphere in 1965 and in the release of an innovative weather information online service for large-scale customers 'MICOS' in 1978, JWA has been pursuing innovative and comprehensive solutions to contribute to society as a pioneer in the industry.


We contribute to the improvement of convenience for our society through providing weather, environment, disaster related information and services.