Company Message

Takao Saito
Director General, Japan Weather Association

Since its establishment in 1950 as an incorporated foundation, the Japan Weather Association has already marked a 60-year history as an information consulting company associated with weather, disasters, and the environment. With a foundation made up of a tradition that it has built up as a pioneer of privately-run meteorology companies as well as innovative and highly-precise technological strength, JWA has played an active role as the leading company in the industry.

In recent years, the conditions surrounding our world have been changing rapidly, such as intensification of weather as characterized by extreme weather and global warming, as well as population, food and energy problems. Amidst such conditions, the roles that we at the Japan Weather Association should fulfill, with the mission of advancing and raising awareness of science and technology related to meteorology, terrestrial phenomena, and hydrometeorology, have become even larger.

The JWA's largest strength is possessing both technology for survey and analysis and technology for providing information in real-time. Making use of this strength, we, as a "professional partner" for companies and organizations, and as a "weather concierge" for individual customers, provide optimal solutions and accurate information services. To do so, we use advanced expert knowledge from a broad perspective with respect to our customers' problems and the knowledge that they seek. Together with our customers and the rest of the world, we aim to "create a society harmonized with the natural world" (our mission of "harmonability") that is sustainable, dynamic, safe and secure.
Based on this outlook, the Japan Weather Association will continue to take on challenges in anticipation of the future.