Message from the Director General

In May 2024, JWA celebrated its 74th anniversary. JWA is a private weather company that can truly be called the “pioneer weather company” in Japan.

Since ancient times, meteorological phenomena have affected all human activities to a greater or lesser degree and have in no small measure determined the nature of human activities. Today, however, it is clear that human activities have influenced meteorological phenomena. This is due to the rapid and global expansion of various human production and consumption activities. How to respond to this situation has become a major concern, and in turn, weather phenomena have become a positive trigger or motivation for even more human activity. This is apparent in our response to climate change and efforts to become carbon neutral.

In an era where human activities and meteorological phenomena are becoming increasingly inseparable, JWA creates new value for people and society by linking the two more closely and organically.

JWA takes great pride in its history and traditions built over the years, but we must not rest on our laurels. We have further upgraded our unwavering technological capabilities accumulated in over seven decades to be even more innovative and highly accurate by incorporating the latest technologies such as AI. JWA will continue to take up the challenge of “creating value for people and society through the power of weather”.

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With our corporate mission of “creating a society that is in harmony with the natural world”, JWA will continue to take the lead in promoting initiatives aimed at solving social issues and creating new value by leveraging the “power of weather” for the benefit of business managers and those in charge of day-to-day corporate activities, as well as those involved in various areas of government and for the general public.

Kazuhiro Watanabe Director General, Japan Weather Association

Our Mission

JWA's Message
JWA's Message

We at Japan Weather Association will exhibit foreseeability and creativity with a sincere and inquiring mind, and create “a society that is harmonized with the natural world,” together with a variety of people.

JWA believes that “everything in this world is linked to weather, and our job is to contribute to the various sectors of this world.”
The “society that is harmonized with the natural world” as we see it is:

  • A society where natural threats are alleviated, and people can live safely and with peace of mind
  • A society where nature’s benefits can be drawn out and efficiently developed
  • A society where impacts on nature by social activities are minimized, and one can enjoy the greatness of nature

“Harmonability” is a keyword that JWA created to easily express the activities of JWA as a whole in aiming to create the kind of society described above. We are promoting our business in various sectors using the concept of “Harmonability” as the axis.