Company Philosophy

The Japan Weather Association is contributing to the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable society through meteorology/environment, disaster-prevention, and information services. For this purpose, the JWA provides a variety of reliable services to customers based on its advanced and complex technology and knowledge. Through robust and highly-transparent management, the JWA is aiming to create profits and realize continuous growth as a dynamic organization.

Our Mission

We at the Japan Weather Association will exhibit foreseeability and creativity with a sincere and inquiring mind, and create “a society that is harmonized with the natural world,” together with a variety of people.

The JWA believes that “everything in this world is linked to weather, and our job is to contribute to the various sectors of this world.”
The “society that is harmonized with the natural world” as we see it is:
● A society where natural threats are alleviated, and people can live safely and with peace of mind
● A society where nature’s benefits can be drawn out and efficiently developed
● A society where impacts on nature by social activities are minimized, and one can enjoy the greatness of nature

“Harmonability” is a keyword that the JWA created to easily express the activities of the JWA as a whole in aiming to create the kind of society described above. We are promoting our business in various sectors using the concept of “harmonability” as the axis.

Logo Concept

In 2015, the Japan Weather Association changed its corporate brand logo for the first time in 21 years, since 1994. The unified logo, connected by a soaring arch, represents our policy of “harmonability,” which continues to fully support tomorrow’s society through various projects related to economic activities and lifestyles aimed at a future where people and cities are harmonized with nature. The ellipse-shaped arch and curvature of the letters that are lined up with regularity evokes an image of earth and nature, such as a mountain range, as well as the silhouette of a city, such as a cluster of buildings. The green represents the “spirit of harmonability” with the global environment, and the orange sphere represents the sun’s energy, as well as the silhouette of a “person.”