Since its establishment in 1950 as Japan's first privately-run meteorology company, the Japan Weather Association has been providing timely and highly reliable meteorological information to various regions in Japan. As a pioneer in the meteorological services industry in Japan, we have independently developed general weather prediction systems and information service systems, practiced safe and comfortable daily living through provision of disaster-prevention/environmental technology and consulting services that are backed by a high level of expertise, and have been contributing to the development of various industrial activities and environmental conservation. The JWA will continue making efforts toward utilization and raising awareness of weather and disaster-prevention information, and will continue contributing to society in the future as well.

Disaster Prevention

We provide consistent services, from survey analysis related to disaster prevention/reduction and risk management, to system design and development, and information provision.

Environment & Energy

We provide observations and surveys such as EIA and atmosphere simulations, as well as one-stop services for renewable and conventional energy-related businesses.

Media & Consumer

We provide mass media with the latest meteorological and disaster-prevention contents and communicate this information in an easily understandable manner through the Web, apps, and digital signage.

Information Services

We carry out persistent research and development in order to construct a definite technological foundation for providing meteorological information.

Through provision of meteorological information as well as survey consulting driven by disaster-prevention and environmental technology, we provide services for supporting a comfortable daily life and safety in the transportation sector, development of industrial activities, and environmental conservation across a multitude of sectors.
Since its first approach in an Official Development Assistance (ODA) project in 1983, the JWA has been expanding the regions of its activities across the Pacific, Central and South America, and Africa, while centering on Asia. In addition, the JWA is actively participating in public-private projects in the disaster-prevention and the environment sector, and is expanding its business through coordination with public agencies and other private-sector business operators.